How to Choose the Right Freight Auditing Software for Your Company

According to research by Texas A&M, 80% of shippers usually overpay for their freight. This can significantly hurt their bottom line considering over 50% of their expenditures go into transportation. For this reason, many shippers are adopting innovative strategies for auditing their freight payments, including the use of freight invoice auditing software. However, in this digital era, the last thing you want is to choose antiquated software. You need to identify, review, and pick a product that streamlines your supply chain and offers innovative features that create efficiencies. So, how can you choose one? 1. Review the Features The efficiency of freight payment auditing software depends on the type of features it offers. Experts recommend picking software that emulates the services provided by professional auditing and payment service companies. The key capabilities to consider are interactive reporting, insightful metrics, invoice management, audit & analytics, and user customization. Tender tools and order management systems [...]

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4 Ways AI Will Impact and Improve Supply Chain Optimization

Once a popular theory in sci-fi movies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has vastly grown to become a common topic in the mainstream media. In fact, over 20% of enterprises are using AI in the core parts of their business. From cybersecurity to energy to healthcare, the applications of AI are unlimited. Now, the revolution is spreading across the supply chain industry. From improving demand forecasting to managing order deliveries, AI has the power to enhance your entire supply chain. Here is how it can impact your supply chain optimization. 1. Better Data Analysis Businesses usually collect lots of data on clients, markets, and operations, but any supply chain professional will tell you that analyzing this data is hectic. With AI, it’s easy to take into account a variety of metrics and factors, especially when enhancing demand forecasting accuracy. You can also take advantage of predictive analytics during supplier selection to improve your supply [...]

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Anticipating Worst-Case Scenarios Using Freight Audit Software

The success or failure of any freight shipment is hinged on many aspects that are beyond a company’s control. While a transport company may do everything in its power to ensure a positive delivery, several factors can affect the shipment’s success, even after checks and quality assurances have been made. International political tensions can affect gas and oil prices, which can (and does) affect the customer’s wallet. Snowstorms can cause significant carrier delays and bottlenecks along the supply chain, and even workforce conflicts can interrupt deliveries, such as Canada Post’s December 2018 strike that effectively killed their all-important before-Christmas-guarantee arrival dates. Other disruption risks include: New national and international regulations Terrorism IT blackouts or cyber attacks Employee turnover With the forces of nature constantly at play, how can transportation and logistics companies anticipate these potential delays when (not if) they happen while still offering the customer a solid and consistent [...]

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How Freight Audit Software Can Improve Company Efficiency

Ineffective company procedures and lack of transparency can slow down outbound shipments and cause unnecessary expenditures, not to mention a loss in customer satisfaction. Freight audit software is such a game-changer in the transportation and logistics industry that it makes more sense to ask, “how can’t it improve company efficiency?” rather than “how can it improve company efficiency?” Enterprises don’t exist in a vacuum outside of digital technology, and there are so many benefits to switching to automated in-house freight auditing. Here are just some of the improvements your company can expect from freight audit software, courtesy of Orca Intelligence. Actionable Analytics Lead to a Better Supply Chain Management Imagine receiving timely data that you can leverage to improve your business’ billing, shipping, and tracking for each carrier? The analytics you receive with freight audit software empowers you to make better business decisions from every step in the supply chain. [...]

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